Friday, August 15, 2014

Headband Wrap

Lately, tons of people have been asking me how I do my hair like this. It's super simple, can be done with many styles and lengths of hair and you get two styles out of it! So here we go!

The finished style from the front.

The finished style and my lame attempt at getting a shot of the back.

I like to start with damp hair so that it holds better and I don't need to use any products.
  1. Place elastic headband on head so that it sits on your crown, on top of all of your hair.
  2. Start on one side, grab your front section, however thick you'd like, give it a little twist then tuck it under the headband. Pull the ends down.
  3. Grab the ends of the first section along with the next section, twist and tuck through, pulling the ends all the way through.
  4. Keep going around one side of your head until all of the sections are tucked and pulled through. When your on the last section, keep looping the ends through until they're all looped around the headband.
  5. Continue on the other side, same as before.
  6. When all the hair is tucked, go through and tuck/pin any little ends that pop out or look out of place. 

I leave my hair in this style for hours, it holds really well, I barely have to touch it up after hours and hours of wearing it like this. Then, when you're ready to, you can take the headband out and have awesome curls like this!